Insert Links to Websites

You create inline links that lead to supplementary information by using the cross-reference. For example, you can link to websites or external documents.
  1. Open a topic and place your cursor where you want to insert a link.
  2. Press Cmd > K (Mac) or Ctrl > K (Windows).
  3. In the Link dialog, in the Link (href) field, enter the link address.
    Important: You need to include the protocol information in the external links that you insert. Include the https:// or http:// protocol name.
  4. Click the Apply button or press Enter.
  5. Optional: Change the link text by placing your cursor in the cross-reference and entering custom text.
    Remember: We don't recommend customizing the link text. You need to maintain and modify custom links each time the content changes and the link text is no longer relevant. You need to do that everywhere the link is used.