Insert Related Links

The related-links element inserts at the end of a topic.

  1. In the Content Library, double-click a map to open it in the Content Editor.
  2. Place the cursor anywhere in a topic and use the quick insert menu to add a related-links element.
    Figure 1. Empty Related-Links Element.

    The related-links element inserts as the last element in a topic.

  3. Optional: In the related-links element, do any of the following:
    • To create containers for author-arranged groups of links, insert linklist elements.
      Tip: It is useful if you insert several related links and want to divide them into meaningful categories. Each of the linklist element can contain an introductory title element.
    • To create containers for a groups of links with common characteristics like audience, insert linkpool elements.
      Tip: You can profile linklist elements for different audiences. Each of the linkpool element can contain an introductory title element.
  4. Insert a link by doing the following:
    1. In the related-links element, linkpool element, or linklist element, insert a link element.
      Figure 2. Empty Link Element
    2. Click Link Empty and from the context menu, select Change.
      Figure 3. Link Element Context Menu
    3. In the dialog, from the Link To drop-down menu select a link type.
    4. Select file or fill in the Href field.
    5. Click Apply.
    6. If needed, repeat 4.
  5. Optional: In the link element, customize the links by doing any of the following:
    • To provide custom link text, insert and fill in the linktext element.
    • To provide a link description, insert and fill in the desc element.
    Figure 4. Custom Link Text and Link Description.

    The following example shows a link to with custom link text and a link description.

Figure 5. Related Links.
This example from the Heretto Deploy Portal shows that:
  • Reference A links to a DITA topic in the Content Library.
  • Sample_Word_Document.docx links to a Microsoft Word document in the Content Library. When you click it, the file downloads.
  • DITA Open Toolkit Homepage links to The link has custom link text, and a description that is visible as a tooltip when you hover over the link.

The styling of the related links in a topic is dependent on the output format and predetermined styling for your content.