Insert an Element in a Topic

You use the quick insert menu to insert elements into your content.

  1. In the Content Library, double-click a topic.
  2. In the Content Editor, place your cursor where you want to insert an element.
  3. Open the quick insert menu by doing one of the following:
    • Press Ctrl > Enter (Windows) or Cmd > Enter (Mac).
    • Click the plus icon on the left side of the Content Editor.
  4. In the quick insert menu, type an element name or scroll through the list of available elements.
    For detailed information on the DITA elements, see Oasis: Element quick reference.
  5. Insert an element by doing one of the following:
    • Click the element.
    • By pressing the Up arrow and Down arrow keys, highlight the element and press Enter.
    • Drag and drop the element.
      A video showcases how the user can insert an element by drag and dropping it from the quick insert menu.
    Tip: The elements that display in the quick insert menu are context-sensitive. The arrows indicate where and how the element will be inserted under the DITA structure of the content. Vertical arrows indicate that a new element will be inserted before or after the current element. Horizontal arrow indicates that a new element will be inserted as a child of the current element. To change the element suggestion mode, use the Insert drop-down menu and select Before, After or Intelligently.