Insert an Image Map

You can define linkable areas over an image by using image map elements.

  1. In the Content Library, double-click a topic.
  2. Insert an image map element. For more information, see Insert an Element in a Topic.
  3. In the Select Media window, choose an image and click Select.
    The image map element is inserted. When you click the image, the Image Map context menu appears.
    Empty Image Map
  4. In the Topic toolbar, click the source editor button.
    Figure 1. Topic Toolbar
    Topic Toolbar
  5. Inside the <imagemap> element, specify the linkable areas shape, coordinates, and target links.
    <imagemap id="imagemap_sjn_dql_1qb"><image href="Lightning_Toaster.jpg" id="image_tjn_dql_1qb"/>
                    <area><shape>circle</shape><coords>290, 340, 40</coords><xref format="dita" href="knob_reference.dita"/></area></imagemap>
  6. Click Save & Close.
You can click the image to see the defined linkable areas.
Filled-in Image Map