Create a Process with Cross-References

You can create a process by linking to procedures (task topics) with cross-references.

Do the following:
  • Create a task topic that you will use as a process topic.
  • Create or find existing task topics (procedures) that you will use as process steps.
  • Create or find an existing map to which you want to add a process.
  1. Open the map you want to add a process to.
  2. Add the process topic and task topics (procedures) to the map.
    Tip: If possible, add the task topics (procedures) under the process topic. This way, the process topic reflects the topics' hierarchy in the map.
    For more information, see Add Existing Content to a Map.
    Figure 1. Procedures Appended Under a Process
    An example of a map with a procedure
  3. To the process topic, add steps, links to task topics (procedures), and other necessary elements.
    For more information, see Insert an Element in a Topic.
    Figure 2. Process Example
    An example of a process (a task topic) with multiple cross-references