Add Existing Content to a Map

You can insert existing maps and topics from your Content Library into a map.

  1. In the Content Library, double-click a map to open it in the Content Editor.
  2. Click the Open Library button to access files in your Content Library.
    Figure 1. Open Library Button
    Open Library button under the map tree lets the user access the files in their Content Library.
  3. In the Content Library, navigate to the component(s) that you want to add to the map.
  4. If you want to add multiple components, select the components. See Select a Range of Files.
  5. Add the component(s) into the map tree by doing one of the following:
    • drag and drop the component(s) into the map tree.

      A video showcases how the user can drag and drop components to easily insert them into a map tree.
      Tip: A line appears that indicates where the component will be added. If you drop a component on another component, a green box appears. The green box indicates that the new component will be added as a child of the component that is already in the map.
    • from the map context menu, choose between Append Element, Insert Element After or Insert Element Before and click From Existing File.....

  6. If prompted, from the Insert drop-down menu, select a relevant reference type and click Insert.
    When adding content to the map tree the user can select a reference type from a drop-down menu.
    Note: Your Heretto CCMS instance can be configured to automatically select the appropriate reference type for you. If you want to select the reference type on your own, you can hold Shift while dragging and dropping a resource into the map tree.

    To disable or enable the intelligent drag and drop feature, contact a Customer Success Manager.