Create a Glossary Map

Create a map that contains a collection of glossary terms.

Create glossary terms. See Create Glossary Entry Topics.
  1. In the Content Library, navigate to a folder and click Create New.
  2. Select Default Map.
  3. Fill in the Title field.
    Enter Glossary Map
  4. Click Create & Edit.
  5. Add the glossary entry topics to the glossary map by doing the following:
    1. From the Content Library, drag and drop the glossary entry topic into the map.
      Figure 1. Dragging and Dropping Topics
      You can drag and drop any glossary entry topic onto your map.
    2. If needed, from the context menu, select glossref and click Insert.
      Figure 2. Context Menu
      You can hold left Shift button while dragging and dropping a glossary entry topic onto your map to specify the reference type.
    3. If you don't see a dialog, in the left pane, click the Key icon.
    4. In the dialog, enter a key name that is unique and easy to identify with the glossary term. Click Update.
      Enter: glossary_entry_sample_key
      Figure 3. Dialog
      You can add a key to a glossary entry topic which is already a part of your map.
    5. If needed, repeat step 5 for each glossary entry topic.