Create a Glossary

Using glossary terms in your topics requires initial configuration.

  1. Create glossary terms. See Create Glossary Entry Topics.
  2. Create a map and add the glossary entry topics to the map. See Create a Glossary Map.
    Tip: We recommend having a global, reusable glossary map that contains all your glossary entry topics, or having glossary maps for major product lines. This makes using the glossary terms in your publications easier because they're all bundled together in a glossary map that can be easily added to publications where the glossary terms are used.
  3. Add the glossary map to the shared map. See Add a Glossary Map to the Shared Map.
    Tip: We recommend having your glossary map in a shared map to help safeguard against unresolved links during publish.
  4. Add the shared map to the deliverable map. See Add the Shared Map to a Deliverable Map.
Insert glossary terms into topics. See Insert a Glossary Term to a Topic.