Enable a Template

You enable map and topic templates so they become available in the Create New menu.

  1. In the __configuration folder in the Content Library, navigate to templates/technicalContent/topic.
  2. Right-click on the topic.xml file and select Download.
    If you're enabling a map, download map.xml from the map folder.
  3. Open the topic.xml file in oXygen or another editor.
    The topic.xml file looks like this:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
     <label>Custom Topic Template</label>
     <instance source="custom_topic_template.dita"/>
  4. In the <label> element, type the template name you want listed in the Create New menu.
    For example, replace <label>Custom Topic Template</label> with <label>Briefing Note</label>
  5. In the instance element, change the source attribute value to the file name of the topic or map you want to enable as a template.
    For example, replace <instance source="custom_topic_template.dita"/> with <instance source="briefing_note_template.dita">
  6. Save the topic.xml file with a file name that matches the template file name.
    For example, save the file as briefing_note_template.xml
  7. Upload the file to the __configuration folder, in the same location in the __configuration folder as the template that you're enabling.
  8. Refresh your browser.
  9. Open the Create New menu to confirm that the new template is listed.
  10. Recommended: Create new topics or maps to ensure that you've configured the templates properly.