Preview Profiled Content in Content Editor

While editing a topic in the Content Editor, you can view the topic with conditional content as it would display in the final output.

  1. In the Content Library double-click a topic or a map.
  2. Navigate to an element with a conditional processing attribute value set.
    Any document with defined values for conditional processing attributes will display in a label in the margin of the Content Editor. The label shows the value or values that define the element.
  3. Click a label.
  4. For each conditional processing attribute value, do any of the following:
    • To show the profiled output, check show.
    • To gray the profiled output, check grayed.
    • To hide the profiled output, check hidden.
  5. Click Apply.
    Figure 1. Showed profiled-out content
    Figure 2. Grayed profiled-out output
    Figure 3. Hidden profiled-out output