DeliveryTarget Profiling

You can use the deliveryTarget attribute to make content reusable and to identify content that is applicable to a specific output, for example PDF or HTML.

Use Cases

Consider profiling your content with the deliveryTarget attribute in the following scenarios:

  • You publish the same content to different file formats that may require different structures or may include modified content. For example, you may want to use GIF files for online deliverables and use static PNG files for print deliverables.

  • You want to profile content specific to a certain delivery format. For example, you want document versioning information for PDFs and EPUB documentation, but not for HTML documentation.

DeliveryTarget Profiling Example

You include or exclude profiled content by applying a DITAVAL during publication.
Remember: By default, all content is included in published deliverables, unless you have applied conditional profiling.
Figure 1. Output-Specific Figures.

This example shows a “Figure A” element that includes a GIF image for online outputs and a “Figure B” element that includes a PNG image for print outputs.

Topic with figures profiled to online and print
Figure 2. Output-Specific Topic.

This example shows the “Online Help Welcome Page” topic that is specific for online outputs.

DITA topic with deliveryTarget profiled to online
Figure 3. DITAVAL for Online Documentation.

This example shows a DITAVAL that includes online-specific content and excludes print-specific content.

DITAL excluding print content