Set Element IDs

You can only link to the elements with an unique ID assigned.

Tip: If you link to elements by using the Content Editor, Heretto CCMS enables you to easily assign an automatically generated ID or custom ID. You don't need to assign IDs to elements that you want to link to firsthand.
You can assign IDs to elements before creating links to take control over the ID values naming convention and boost your documentation consistency. For example, if multiple users collaborate on the same content, they may have different ideas on how to name the ID values. To ensure that the values are consistent, you can assign the ID values beforehand.
  1. Open a topic and place your cursor in the element you want to create an unique ID for.
  2. Click the Attributes tab.
  3. In the id field enter a unique ID.
    Tip: We recommend assigning an ID name related to the element so it's easy to identify later.
    Set the ID for a step element as stepDepressLever